Saturday, October 1, 2016

Back With The Program! (Preschool)

We don't only do school at the kitchen table
Sometimes, we go to class!
And our wonderful programs have started up again! We're so excited!
We had orientation on Tuesday, just an hour of meeting the teachers, seeing the space again, meeting classmates.
And then Thursday - Thursday the fun began.
Miss BooBoo is the oldest child in the program this time around, as I expected, but she's so sweet and funny and loving with younger kiddos! And she had a great time playing with the other two older girls (i.e., they're four-turning-five) and will have a great time while we're in the program this year.
 And just look at the adorableness of her dress-up fun!
I loved watching her sit with her classmates, the three of them drawing together and chattering like little magpies <3 <3
This guy had a BLAST going from center to center and just as I thought, he was allll about the water table, the play-dough table, and....
The sand table :)
Remind me, please, to keep an extra clean dry shirt in my bag for him on class days... ;)
Next week, we're fully into the new routine with two class days and three home days :)
Until next time...

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