Saturday, October 1, 2016

A Homegrown Harvest on October First

It's the first of October!
I decorated a little bit! 
Just a little bit, because we're not buying anything new this year decoration-wise (what with the downsizing in preparation for our move - which is a move via plane and we are bringing as little on the plane with us as we can!). But I'm happy with it.
After the little bit of decorating, we headed outside to see what we could harvest.
It's avocado season and my in-laws have three (THREE!) avocado trees right outside their house, so we hit those up first.
We got five big avocados.
And then we picked strawberry guavas!
It was so fun to pick pretty red berry-like fruits off the trees along the driveway.
It reminded me of picking berries (huckleberries and blueberries mostly) with my brothers and sisters in Northern BC...
We got about two pounds of fruit and it was a great time. 

After taking recycling to the depot and taking the kids to a park for a while, we came home and while the kids watched a cartoon I did some experimenting in the kitchen...
And I think my experiment turned out pretty delicious!
I will be trying proper jam and/or jelly soon but today I didn't have pectin or gelatin so, sauce it was.
I also made homemade pancakes (which were DELICIOUS with the sauce) for dinner that the kids devoured.
Five giant avocados, a jar of fruit sauce, and did I mention seven dollars from our recycling trip? 
Not a bad harvest for the first of October!
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