Thursday, September 15, 2016

✏️ Preschool at Home ✏️

Recently my Beloved and I have made some pretty big decisions for our family's future. And one of the things we've decided is that, unless something changes, we'll be home educating our keiki.
In case you didn't know - I was actually homeschooled by my mom from preschool all the way up to when I graduated from high school (and then I proceeded to create my own post-secondary education program focusing on vocal music but... we'll stop there). 
I loved being homeschooled. I love that I was homeschooled. I love talking with my mom about how she is homeschooling my youngest brothers! 
So for me, it's not a big jump to decide to homeschool my own children.
(also, my Beloved is a teacher, so)
Obviously, since M is just barely 5 years old and Z is just two, we're in preschool mode anyway around here and "school" mostly consists of directed play, learning opportunities, and a little bit of workbook-style stuff. Even in the preschool program that Molly and I did last year (and really enjoyed!), that's what it was.
Wherever we end up (did I mention that one of the big decisions has to do with not living in Honolulu anymore? It does, and we're excited), I definitely want to be involved in programs like the one we did last year - community classes, etc. Because they are fun and because everyone needs a social circle and community.
I'm so happy with this decision we've made, and I'm loving having "school time" with my babies.
Reading stories, drawing pictures and painting, talking about things in the world around us...
Today was the first time someone has asked Molly, "so when does your school start?" 
And she said "Um.. hmm... um... Mama? *whispered - what is my school called*?" 
I replied quietly, "You can say you are home schooled" and she lit up and called out "I am HOME SCHOOLED!"
:D :D :D
And then she talked about how she practiced writing today and about the seed pods we're watching when we go for walks and it was adorable.
So yeah... raising another generation of weird wonderful home-educated keiki!
Until next time...


  1. That is so awesome. Over here, it is VERY hard to homeschool your kids. I am so envious that you are able to do so.

  2. In Hungary - where I live... - homeschooling is forbidden by law...I've always thought it was a much better option though, so I'm very interested in how it works out for you.