Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Free Range (ish)

I'm that mom. 
The one who watches her kids roll around with the dog on the floor and laughs, because they're having a great time. 
The one who, when she sees what a great time her toddler is having playing in the drips from the roof as it's raining...
finds him a cup to make the play even better!
And the one who, after making sure the kids are playing nicely at the playground...
goes and sits at the picnic table and watches from there.
We were the only people at the park today, and it was AWESOME to watch my kids play. Sometimes they played together, sometimes they each had a little world in their heads, but it was great.
I love watching their imaginations let loose.
I'm proud to be That Mom.
And excited for the possibility of letting their imaginations loose on our own property in the near future... more on that soon.
Until next time,


  1. I like this post. I am a lot like you. I play with my kid too but see nothing wrong letting him do his own thing too.

    1. I mean, there's a time for everything right? Sometimes it's time to play alone! :)

    2. Exactly! I personally think it is healthy to allow kids to play, unstructured. Not just for the parents to catch a break but kids need that time to decompress and be creative on their own. I always tell people that as long as Philip isn't setting the house on fire, let him play!